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Pogoplug offers unlimited cloud storage for $5 a month “Pogoplug's plan is unique in that no other service offers so much space for so little without some sort of limitation.”
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Pogoplug Offers a $5-a-Month Cloud to Store Your Files, All of Them "Amid all the online storage providers offering tiered pricing, Pogoplug Cloud has a different approach: Sky’s the limit."
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Must-Have Gadgets for Travelers "When you get to Grandma's and find you've left all the pictures home, no worries, if you use Cloud Engines' Pogoplug to back up your home computer, they're available online, anywhere you are."
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Get Your Storage Out of the Cloud "Pogoplug is a terrifically simple way to back up files and make them accessible from afar or on the go.”
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Cloud Storage Solutions for Laptops with Solid State Drives “With Pogoplug, you don't rent space on a server, but purchase a device that you install at home or at the office and attach one or more external hard drives, which means you can have almost unlimited storage for no monthly fee.”
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